Two years since my last post….

... so that means the observatory project has been running for some 5 years now!! But it has actually finished!! Well.... let me just temper that statement. The observatory has been rebuilt from scratch, and as of now (18th Oct 2021) I am just waitin on the floor paint to finish drying before I actually...

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Automation Phase 3 – Roof

The third phase of the automation project is the roof. Not only does it need power, it needs to roll very smoothly to ensure the motors don't stall when opening and closing the roof. So this element will probably take the longest to complete... 18th November 2016 Some real progress with the roof! After inspection...

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Automation Phase 2 – Power

Being able to remotely power up the various components of the observatory is very appealing, and while there is an argument that says until I have the roof sorted there is no point in doing this, I think that getting this element of the project done will be relatively low cost, fairly straight-forward and will...

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