Software and Imaging

I did mention that I had been playing with Sequence Generator Pro – and it is a great piece of software. Easy to use and does what it says on the tin! What more can you ask for!!

OK, it’s not a Maxim, but at a 5th of the price, I’m not expecting it to be – but then Maxim tries to do a lot more that SGP, and not necessarily better, either!

The picture of M81-M82 was taken earlier this year – this is just the Ha of a larger run, but all captured and sequenced in SGP. It handled the meridian flip and subsequent plate solve with no issues and as soon as I get my motor-focuser up and running again, it will automate that part of the process as well.

What’s more the support is great and the community is friendly and helpful

This was 5 hours of Ha data taken through my ED80 with my AtikOne 6.0 camera….

M81 and M82
M81, M82 in Ha

I have the colour data, but have not yet had a chance to process it!!


Talking of processing, I have taken the first steps with Pixinsight – well, more than the first steps, really – as my tool for processing my images. I have invested in the first set of videos from the IP4AP team and have to say that it has made a huge difference in being able to use the tools from this software.

PI looks very scary to the new user, but Warren takes you through the interface and how to get the most from it.

The image above was done more as a practice for the tools than a serious attempt at processing an image. I am in the process of writing up my notes from the training videos and incorporating that knowledge into a workflow – a typical one is provided on the DVD/download – and then I will reprocess the Ha, along with the Lum and colour as a proper project!


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