An interesting day

So, currently in North Norfolk, at the annual Autumn Star Camp - which I think is the biggest star camp in the UK - and the weather has been 'interesting'!


At the start of our stay (7th October) is was like June... warm sunshine, gentle breeze, shorts and t-shirts and plenty of ice cream. Great!

On Wednesday, the weather won't up to the fact it was autumn and decided to give us the appropriate weather for the time of year. Cue the rain. Oh  and the wind.


And then more rain, coming down a bit harder. Then a bit harder. Then windier. Then really windy!

On Thursday night, it got serious. Proper windy!

But, we survived! The awning stood up to the elements in tremendous style, coming through completely unscathed!

The same, sadly, cannot be said for my telescope rig that was inside the utility tent... At about 8am on Friday, the wind ripped the pegs out of the ground, pulling mount over as it went flying. The mount was laden with my Esprit telescope and ZWO 533 camera.

I feared the worst as Mrs Daz and i picked everything up and started to assess the damage....

1. The newly installed flat flap from Deep Sky Dad had the A frame broken. This holds the actual light panel/cover in connection with the motor shaft. Critical to the operation of the unit

2. The focuser got pulled off its mounting to the OTA

3. The OAG assembly fit pulled apart

4. The altitude adjuster on the mount pinged apart

I was sure it was going to be an expensive day!

Well, after an afternoon of refitting and testing, it seems the only real damage was the broken flats panel. Everything else has gone back together and is working as it should - so much so rust is now 23:45 on the Friday night, and I'm imaging and guiding. 

Star shaped are spot on, no sign of any misalignment of the elements in the objective, focus is spot on and the mount is tracking just fine...

I am much relieved!!

So, a replacement frame will be ordered for the flat flap, and a much sturdier utility tent will be found!!

Astro-imaging in the UK - what fun!!

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