M31 Mosaic project

Following on from the windy adventures in Norfolk at the Star Camp, I have started to preview the mosaic data I collected.

When I re-assembled the telescope and checked everything was working, I forgot to check the camera angle had not moved - which of course it had!

So, here is the result of putting the mosaic together, and you can clearly see there is a gap in the bottom right hand side. I have subsequently added another panel to the sequence in NINA and will add that in to the mix, along with a panel centered on the core of the galaxy itself. The image will be huge (both in terms of pixels and memory) until I figure out the best crop.

So far, so good though, and the tools and processes in NINA for figuring out the panel arrangement, and Pixinsight for aligning the panels, make the whole process really quite easy, The challenging part will be using tools like StarXterminator, DBE and NSG to get all the panels as flat as possible!

M31 Mosaic preview

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