sky-watcher esprit 100ed

New Scope Arrived!

My new Skywatcher Esprit 100ED has finally arrived! I recently sold my RC, ED80 and a host of accessories and bits and bobs in order to fund an upgrade to this triplet f/5 refractor. The whole automation project got me thinking that, as much as I loved the RC, if I needed to go into the observatory and collimate the scope, it kind of defeated the idea of having the ability to manage the observatory remotely.

So, after discussions with various expert imagers, I decided that I would invest in top quality wide-ish field scope that would give me access to large number of different objects. I have had a number of Skywatcher telescopes, and have always been impressed with their overall quality - but the Esprit is a step-up from the norm and being a triplet should add that extra 'zing' to my images!

I purchased the recommended flat-fielder and had it checked by Es Reid before delivery. This is a unique service offered by FLO, and one I would recommend, just for the peace of mind. I also ordered a custom-made adapter to me the perfect back-focus distance for my Atik one - that should be with me very soon, and I now know the dimensions of the focuser shaft so I can order the flexible coupler for the focuser motor.

So, as at 12th Feb, I am waiting for the weather to stop raining/sleeting long enough to install the scope into the observatory - but here are some initial 'out-if'the'box' pics...

And some field of view images with the AtikOne to give an idea of the scale...

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