Maintenance Work Part 2

Well, lots of activity since the last post – been busy, as usual, hence the delay. A summary of work on the observatory looks like:

  • Replaced the pent roof – re-felted
  • Applied a synthetic flashing to the base of the left hand wall to try and stop the last leaks
  • Restained all the exterior walls
  • Restained the surrounding decking
  • Fixed the stiff wheels so the roof rolls nicely again

I still haven’t re-felted the main roof yet, but will need to get this done before Winter really sets in!

I’ve also been playing with Sequence Generator Pro acquisition software – very impressed, but I’ll do a further write up on this.

And of course, went to the Autumn Equinox Star Party back in September. Nice, relaxing week and I actually got some imaging done!! Yay!!

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