Maintenance Work Part 1

So I’ve made a start on the schedule of works needed on the observatory. This is an excellent time of year to be doing this sort of work, as the shorter nights means I can do stuff when I get home from work and still have daylight!

I’ve restained and resealed the deck boards that run around the bottom of the exterior walls. I think I had used something other than a silicon sealant before and it had gone hard and brittle and of course, leaked! We’ve had a good drop of rain today (5th July) and there are no leaks!


I also had a chance to check the polar alignment this week, and the measurement from AlignMaster shows less than 1 arc minute in both alt and az! The altitude mod I did before made this very easy to do!


And I also started to play with FocusMax this week and got the first 6 rough-cut v-curves. I got pointed to this link for a tutorial with FM, and this was really easy to follow!

Next night out will be to increase the number of steps and hopefully start to get really accurate v-curves!


Not much chance to do stuff next week, as I’m away with work a lot, so fingers crossed that next weekend is decent weather so I can crack on!!

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