Lunar image – 30th Sept 2015

I took some images for the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th Sept, but have not had a chance to finish processing them yet. I’m not super-happy with them as my polar alignment was not great, and I didn’t enable the MLU in the camera. As a consequence, there are some frames with blur and motion in them…

However, my good friend Peter Smith jogged my memory about Focus Magic, a plug-in for PhotoShop. He worked some magic on one of the images, so that prompted me to have another go at them – which I will do over this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I thought I would give old Lunar another go! Having got home from a BAS meeting, the moon was hanging above the neighbours house, just begging to be shot – so I obliged!

Canon EOS 600D, Skywatcher ED80, 10 frames shot in RAW, preprocessed in PIPP, stacked in Registax then tweaked in PhotoShop….

Moon 30-09-2015
Moon 30-09-2015
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