A couple of quick away-from-home images

Back down in sunny Dorset for a couple of days (and actually, it was beautifully sunny!) and I remembered to bring my Canon DSLR with me. So I whizzed down to Portland Bill just in time for the sunset….

Sunset at Portland Bill
Sunset at Portland Bill

Just made it! And the little band of cloud made a nice atmospheric picture!

Then, after some food, I went onto Weymouth beach – a bit further down the road from the town centre, and apart from just enjoying the night sky, I decided to point the Canon up and see what happened!

This is a 10 second shot through my nifty-fifty, wide open at f/1.8. You can make out the Andromeda galaxy in the bottom of the image – the slightly larger orange blob! Processing consisted of hacking about in PS and Noels Actions – nothing serious!

I definitely want to revisit M31 as an image target – now I have the mosaic and framing wizard in SGP, that would be a good project for the RC for this year!

Anyway, here is the image:

10 second shot of Andromeda



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