What a poor astro season…..

Not only has the weather been pretty pants, I have had a very busy time at work and any spare time has been devoted to family and house renovations!

The recent SGL star-party has helped re-fire my mojo and I have been out in the observatory to dust off things (mostly my memory on how it all works) and making preparations for doing some tidy-ups in the potting shed!

I spent last night (17th March) checking my polar alignment using AlignMaster (the new Celesteron Skysense looks interesting, as does the QHY PoleMaster!) and finally it pretty bang on. It took me a few hours, though – which was a tad annoying!

Next job will be to do the PEC – although, there is a distinct possibility that the mount may be changed soon for an AZGT6, so the alignment will have to be done all over again!

Last year, I boarded out the inside of the computer area – I’ll take some pics, promise! – and now the open area needs a bit of TLC. The pillar needs a respray and I need to finally sort a properly mounted power switch for the mount and Atik One and USB hub.

So, this years tasks are:

  • Fix the door!
  • Construct mounting for pillar switch box
  • Respray pillar
  • Get the roof rolling smoother

And of course, to get guiding nailed on the RC!!


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