I am so bad….

My last update to my site was in Sept 2018 - it's now Nov 2019! That is terrible!! And the 2018 post was to say I had not updated since 2017! Even worse!

OK, so not too much has moved forward with my observatory project, but even so, I should make more of an effort to update my site!!

So, here is a brief rundown of the last year or so...

  • The Esprit 100ED is in the Observatory and working very well with the AtikOne. However, with work being so busy, I have actually had limited opportunity to really push this - still, I must have an image I have taken with it.... somewhere!
  • I now have a Skywatcher ED72 on a Star Adventurer Photo Mount - the idea is that this will become the travel/star party set up so I can leave the ED100 permanently mounted in the observatory
  • I also acquired a ZWO183MC Pro to use with the ED72. First light has yet to be obtained - it seems the UK is destined for a cloudy winter!! This will be operated by a Raspberry Pi running EKOS, so I should start a page to detail how that project is going!
  • I have started designed an automated flats box, driven by a stepper motor - again, a write up is needed for this!


So, some progress, but I need to get some things finished off and other things started!


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