So, back in the real world…

The last few weeks have been especially busy with work….

Not had much time to think about my online presence! Can’t remember the last time I tweeted anything – not that I have much to tweet about – and my friends on SGL must think I have skipped Earth!!


My astronomy has also not been given any play-time and this is frustrating as I had just got the Observatory back into shape after Kelling. I had re-cabled everything so I now have a neat and tidy loom, one single cable from the PC, updated software and was raring to get the guiding sorted with the RC8….

Best laid plans, eh!


So, we’ll try again – hopefully I can now find some time to get my work-life balance tilited in my direction for a change – 🙂


The website will be worked on, and I will be posting here – hopefully with something meaningful to say!!

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