More guiding frustrations….

Feel free to ignore me, but I just need to vent some frustration…..


So, yet again another clear night wasted because guiding “would not work” in Maxim!! It’s in quotes because of course there could be a number of factors…..


Using my new Atik GP/Atik One combination on my RC8, everything worked fine a couple of days ago ( but simply refused to last night.


Maxim repeatedly fails to identify a star in the image, even though there are clearly stars there – and I have tried using full calibration of the guider, simple darks, no darks – same result.

If I manually select a guide star, Maxim will start to track it and then appear to push the telescope so the star moves out of the field of view….


So, stop guiding, reslew to target. Shout at computer…


I double checked my polar alignment – reasonable. There is *some* drifting, but easily capable of being guided out. It’s not like I’ve polar aligned on Mars….

Double check balance – Good.

Double check guiding focus – Good.

Double check pick-off position – Good.


Shutdown. Park. Restart everything.


Start again. Same result.


Shutdown. Park. Cry……



So, next clear night will be to try the Atik software and see if that works. I don’t know if it’s an ASCOM driver issue or what – but it’s giving me a headache!!!

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