Gear and Equipment

We all like to know what other people are using, so here is a breakdown of it all....







Previously Owned Kit

Worringly, this list is longer than I expected it to be! Since 2011, I have really tried to only upgrade/change where absolutely necessary. This pleases the wife somewhat, but also means I have been able to focus my learning on what I have and not what I think I want!

  • Skywatcher Star Adventurer + wedge kit (non wifi version)
  • Skywatcher 72ED + field flattener/reducer
  • GSO Carbon Fibre 8 inch RC Scope + Steel Track Diamond Focuser + Steel Drive Motor
  • Howie Glatter 2" Collimater
  • Gerd Neumann Aurora Flat Panel
  • Skywatcher 80mm ED80 + Steel Track Focuser + Steel Drive Motor
  • Atik 383L+ Mono CCD
  • Starlight Xpress Lodestar
  • Starlight Xpress Off Axis Guider
  • Baader 36mm unmounted filters
  • 12 inch f/4 Orion Optics Newtonian
  • Skywatcher 8 inch Newtonian - a great scope for all round astronomy, newcomers and beginners alike
  • Skywatcher 10 inch Newtonian - another great scope, just bigger than the 8!
  • TAL 8 inch Klevtsov Cassegrain - built like a tank, excellent views
  • Vixen 80mm achromatic refractor - took my first Andromeda through this
  • Skywatcher HEQ5 Mount - excellent workhorse, only changed to upgrade to the EQ6
  • Rajiva HEQ5 GoTo upgrade - these are still available and great if you are good with a soldering iron!
  • Cats Eye Collimation tools - superb kit. A must for serious Newtonian owners
  • HoTech Advanced CT Laser Collimator - only on loan, but a serious bit of kit for permanently housed CTs
  • SX SXVF-H9 - loved it! loved it! loved it! Only changed because I got 'big-chip' fever!
  • Atik 16HR - Precursor to getting the H9, no images taken with it
  • Imaging Source DMK21 Firewire - A great camera, high frame rate with easy to use software (I really want another!)
  • And there are various eyepieces, filters, collimators and all the other paraphernalia that go with telescopes!
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