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Progress on Automation

observatory - roof_img10.JPG

I have been making progress on my automation project over the last couple of months and there has been some fun activities recently! Things are moving in the right direction and now getting to the stage where I need to start thinking about physical installation – how will I house the circuit boards and related […]

Automation Phase 3 – Roof

Automation Phase 3 – Roof Observatory Automation Project -//- Phase 1 – Software -//- Phase 2 – Power The third phase of the automation project is the roof. Not only does it need power, it needs to roll very smoothly to ensure the motors don’t stall when opening and closing the roof. So this element […]

TANO – The Alan Norman Observatory

The Observatory My observatory is named after my late father, and while I did not get into astronomy until after he passed away, I’m sure he would have enjoyed the wonders that the universe has to offer. So, my efforts in astro-photography are dedicated to him, mind you, he has a prime viewing spot from […]

Automation Phase 2 – Power

Automation Phase 2 – Power Observatory Automation Project -//- Phase 1 – Software -//- Phase 3 – Roof Timeline of Activities 2nd December 2016 I now have the Vellemen VM110N and VM129 boards! Yay!! I spent the weekend of 3rd/4th December installing Visual Studio 2015 Community edition, and learning some very basic VB .Net! I managed to write a […]

Automation Phase 1 – Software

Automation Phase 1 – Software Observatory Automation Project -//- Phase 2 – Power -//- Phase 3 – Roof Timeline of Activities 29th September 2017 I have been lax in keeping these pages up to date because of work and other commitments, however, I have not been totally idle! The MHP is now in place, but […]

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