Category: Imaging

Polar alignment progress…

Last night was clear so I was able to redo the polar alignment with PHD2. This time I’d read the instructions and I think I have got as good an alignment as I am going to… The graphs (which I forgot to take snapshots of) were pretty flat with virtually no movement…. So, I started […]

A couple of quick away-from-home images

Back down in sunny Dorset for a couple of days (and actually, it was beautifully sunny!) and I remembered to bring my Canon DSLR with me. So I whizzed down to Portland Bill just in time for the sunset…. Just made it! And the little band of cloud made a nice atmospheric picture! Then, after […]

Come on weather….

  Still not managed to get out and complete the polar alignment in the observatory – the weather has been it’s usual August pants! More cloud and rain than you could shake a stick at for the last few weeks, and the coming week shows a partial potential for Sunday 6th. AAG Cloudwatcher So, in […]

Software and Imaging

I did mention that I had been playing with Sequence Generator Pro – and it is a great piece of software. Easy to use and does what it says on the tin! What more can you ask for!! OK, it’s not a Maxim, but at a 5th of the price, I’m not expecting it to […]

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