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More guiding frustrations….

Feel free to ignore me, but I just need to vent some frustration…..   So, yet again another clear night wasted because guiding “would not work” in Maxim!! It’s in quotes because of course there could be a number of factors…..   Using my new Atik GP/Atik One combination on my RC8, everything worked fine […]

ISS Whizzes overhead

After failing miserably to get the ISS yesterday (forgot to refocus the camera!) I had another go tonight… And glad I am too, as I think they came out well! The lens flare from a street light adds a nice effect in a couple of them!                   […]

So, back in the real world…

The last few weeks have been especially busy with work…. Not had much time to think about my online presence! Can’t remember the last time I tweeted anything – not that I have much to tweet about – and my friends on SGL must think I have skipped Earth!!   My astronomy has also not […]