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Another conjunction…

5:30am, October 25th, 2015. Temperature: 4°c …… brrrrrrr!!! You forget how cold it can be in the mornings now! Anyway, I set the alarm and drove up to the top of a local hill so I would be out of the range of the local street lights. I didn’t go for a time-lapse this time, just […]

Conjunction from 8th Oct 2015

So, this will be a bit backward – this is a short time-lapse from the conjunction this morning, and a later post will have images from the Lunar Eclipse! I just haven’t had a chance to process the (poor) efforts from the eclipse yet! Anyway, this is my first attempt at a time-lapse. And I […]

Maintenance on the observatory

Well, back from holiday, summer is well and truly under way so time to start the maintenance on the observatory… This weekend (21st / 22nd June) I will be renewing the beading on the window, resealing the decking boards at the bottom of the sides, and re-staining those boards. The sealant I used last year […]

Altitude mod done!

Today (27th Apr) I took the opportunity to do a mod to my EQ6 to make the altitude adjustment easier. Read the step by step guide here or follow the link in the ‘Pages’ menu 🙂

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