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New Scope Arrived!

sky-watcher esprit 100ed

My new Skywatcher Esprit 100ED has finally arrived! I recently sold my RC, ED80 and a host of accessories and bits and bobs in order to fund an upgrade to this triplet f/5 refractor. The whole automation project got me thinking that, as much as I loved the RC, if I needed to go into […]

Mosaic Magic with PI

01 - M31_Mosaic_Test_Small.png

Fun with PI! Having invested in Warren Keller’s excellent tutorial DVDs and book on Pixinight, I ran a test of doing a simple 4-pane mosaic of M31. I wanted to see if the step-by-step guide was going to help with the process and also how easy it was in PI. So, I started off drawing […]

Progress on Automation

observatory - roof_img10.JPG

I have been making progress on my automation project over the last couple of months and there has been some fun activities recently! Things are moving in the right direction and now getting to the stage where I need to start thinking about physical installation – how will I house the circuit boards and related […]

Misalignment on the ED80

Ha FWHM Plot

I have been working on a project for the Eastern Veil over the last few weeks, and now have started the processing. I have noticed that I have a definite ‘smearing’ of stars and I need to track down the reason! It seems to be OK at the bottom right hand corner, stretching up to […]

ISS Pass

Dragged myself out of bed to capture this morning’s pass of the ISS. You can see the track of the pass ISS Pass track – Bedford Astronomical Society And here are my two pictures. I has set the exposure to 20s, and forgotten I had got the auto-noise reduction set on, hence the gap as […]

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