Month: April 2014

Altitude mod done!

Today (27th Apr) I took the opportunity to do a mod to my EQ6 to make the altitude adjustment easier. Read the step by step guide here or follow the link in the ‘Pages’ menu 🙂

More guiding frustrations….

Feel free to ignore me, but I just need to vent some frustration…..   So, yet again another clear night wasted because guiding “would not work” in Maxim!! It’s in quotes because of course there could be a number of factors…..   Using my new Atik GP/Atik One combination on my RC8, everything worked fine […]

ISS Whizzes overhead

After failing miserably to get the ISS yesterday (forgot to refocus the camera!) I had another go tonight… And glad I am too, as I think they came out well! The lens flare from a street light adds a nice effect in a couple of them!                   […]

A nice flat field

So, one of the queries I had with the new AtikOne was if would produce a flat field on the ED80 – otherwise it would need a field flattener… Well, pleased to say that after measuring an image from the setup, it appears that a flattener is not required! Good news indeed 🙂 Here is […]

Atik One First Light

Well, the forecast held true and I was able to get first light on the new camera! Took a while to get the camera and guider focused properly – the moon was washing out many stars – but once that was done all things were go! I had a bit of a headache when the […]

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